*astTECS IP Telephony - Entreprise

*astTECS IP Telephony - Entreprise

IP PBX System for your Enterprises

*astTECS IP PBX is built on an open source Asterisk platform which provides all of the features you would expect from a proprietary PBX at a much affordable price. *astTECS IP PBX is packed with all the high end features which enables your business to be flexible, innovative and competitive. The standard compliance and open architechture allows *astTECS IP PBX to offer exactly what your business requires.

Smartphone as an extensionIP PBX with smartphone extension feature


Video calling & conferencingIP PBX with video calling and conference feature



IP PBX with inbuilt IVR featureInteractive Voice Response (IVR)



Voice LoggerIP PBX with in-built call recording software



IP PBX with Audio conference featureAudio conference bridging 



Distributed office setupIP PBX solution with distributed office setup



IP PBX with Web-based receptionist solutionWeb-based receptionist console



Voice mail to Email:IP PBX solution with voice mail to email feature



IP PBX solution integration with existing EPABXSeamless integration with existing PBX



Seamless Integration with 3rd Party SoftwarePBX integration with 3rd party tool