Depository Safes

Depository safe designed for cash handling businesses such as 
24 hour stores provides immediate deposit and storage for
cash notes and coins, and offers instant protection from burglary.
Even if the front door is locked, deposits can be made through
the upper loading hopper.
Diplomat (KOREA) series
                DS20EN                 DS30EN        
HxWxD mm         514x356x356         762x508x508 
Weight Kg         39                    85 
Capacity Ltr      27                    109
Shlef             -                      2
Lock           Electronic            Electronic
EIKO  (JAPAN) series 
                 PD20             PD50           PD100 
HxWxD mm       752x344x433     901x465x512     1115x590x593
Weight Kg         85              128             270
Capacity Ltr      20              51              69
Lock          Manual + Key     Manual + Key    Manual + Key