HT-9200 : 2+1 Pocket fitness Sorter

HT-9200 Banknote Sorter 

- Two stackers and one reject compartment are available for
checking suspects, not recognized banknotes & fitness sorting.
- Value counting, Denomination sorting, Orientation, and
Versions sorting.
- ATM/Fitness/Damage sorting to detect unfit notes,
including stains, holes, tears, damage, tape notes.,etc.
- Employs a unique CIS image scanning identification system
and allows the "banknote 4-orientations" function for fast
identification of graphic marks.
- Easy approach for approved USB or Micro SD card to store
the serial number and data.
- High-performance motor enables optimal and stable
rotational speed at the highest of 1100 notes per minute for
- Can be equipped with a small external thermal printer or be
connected to PC.
- Easy to remove the jammed banknote.
- Easy to upgrade via SD card.